Webcam Like You Mean It

Elisabeth has been teaching folks (mostly lawyer-types) how to webcam using lessons from cinematographers, YouTubers & online gamers OF COLOR since 2020. See Services.

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Wow. Great presentation. And thank you so much for promoting content creators and using lots of examples of people of color! We need more of this.

It felt like a coaching session with great tips, which in turn inspired and motivated me to be better. Almost as if it was worth the effort (where normally I wouldn’t care so much). But it’s more than a how-to, it’s also a 'You got this!' [Her] excitement and joy were awesome and refreshing.

Quite honestly, every trick was mind-blowing! This should be mandatory for all instructors using Zoom. Elisabeth’s delivery was engaging and it was the most valuable presentation I have ever attended in Zoom.

She has some amazing tips (re: appearing, lighting, backgrounds, staging) and all kinds of things that seem superficial but make an INCREDIBLE difference in the impression one makes in these new settings.

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison was a truly gifted speaker. She got right to the point, had dynamite slides, answered all of the Q&A's, and shared really thoughtful insights about high-quality Zooming. She had practical suggestions about Zooming better and shared specifics about the purchases and set-ups needed to put her larger concepts into practice. No doubt one of the best CLE's I've ever attended.